Replacement of OEM wiring harnesses and plugs

With the continuing sophistication of vehicles today it has made the collision repair industry very difficult, with the expense of O.E.M. panels and wiring harnesses and other related components being very high it does not take too much of a collision to bring the costs of repair over the write off plateau. At Safety Restraint Systems Inc. we are trying our best to keep repair costs within reason to enable the body shop Industry to retain more of the collision work that comes into them from the Insurance industry and private vendors. The primary goal of the repair shop is to return this vehicle back to its post collision condition. This is accomplished by the use of O.E.M parts and components and highly skilled and trained staff.

When a vehicle is written off the parts and services industry and the body shops are left with less revenue and work for their staff. Over the twenty years that Safety Restraint Systems Inc. has been servicing the body shop industry we have seen countless vehicles go the way of write off, strictly for the reason that there was no O.E.M. repair harnesses or replacement plug for the various light and related components on the vehicles.

We are very pleased to announce that we can supply O.E.M. harnesses and plugs for most Imported and Domestic vehicles manufactured today. The next time you have the need for any wiring or plugs to repair any part of the vehicles electrical system give Safety Restraint Systems Inc. a chance to give you a competitive quote.