Theft and Vandalism Repair

It is a very unfortunate thing, but airbag theft and vandalism does exist. It can happen when you least expect it and can cause a great financial burden. It is at a time like this that saving every penny counts, but not at the cost of people's safety. When thieves strike they often aren't careful about collateral damage to the vehicle. If wiring is damaged in the process it is very important that it is repaired properly, else the airbags may not deploy as designed or at all in the future.

Our technicians have years of experience specializing in theft and vandalism repair and are regularly contracted by insurance companies and dealers for this purpose. A technician will assess the damage to the vehicle and if required supply any necessary replacement parts. With the specialized tools and experience on hand, Safety Restraint Systems technicians will perform any required repair work at your location for a fraction of dealer costs.