When it comes to insurance, everybody loses when fraud takes place. The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) estimates the dollar figure to be well in excess of $3 billion annually. One fraudulant case including personal injury could cost the insurer over $200,000. This equates to the annual premiums of over 150 people each paying $1,300.

Given that insurance fraud is intended to be undetectable, it often takes a trained expert in the industry to identify it. Safety Restraint Systems has over 2 decades of experience in the collision and airbag industry, lending priceless knowledge in identifying fraud. With our experience and specialized equipment potentially millions of dollars have been saved for the insurance companies, and in the end every insuree.

Upon contracting, experienced investigators will assess and photograph all cars involved, perform diagnostic scans including crash data retrieval (if the vehicle is equiped) and if necessary attend the scene of the accident. Upon review of this data, a detailed report will be sent to you for your records. Our typical time required to perform an investigation is less than one week, allowing you to complete your review of the claim promptly and efficiently.

The experience of our investigators qualifies them to stand in court as experts in the field. With the data that they will provide as well as their expert reviews, heavily strengthens any case. If you have a claim that you believe to be suspicious or any claim involving airbag deployment, please feel free to contact us directly.

Below are a few articles from the IBC that further educate on the topic and impacts of insurance fraud. These can also be found in our Articles of Interest.

Auto Fraud in the Fast Lane (pdf)
Injury Impact Statement - Nov. 17, 2004 (pdf)