Franchise Opportunities

Business Specialty and Objectives

Our business specialty is to provide on-site diagnostic and replacement of Supplemental Restraint Systems (airbag systems). We are a close-knit team of dedicated, highly trained professionals and support staff, committed to providing clients with quality airbag installation in a timely, cost-effective manner. Members of our firm have a broad range in age, background, experience and expertise, and are all available to serve the needs of each client.

Growth Potential

Air bag systems are here to stay. Safety systems development throughout the automotive industry is a priority. In 1997, all vehicles in North America by law will be equipped with minimum of two airbags. By the year 2000, airbag systems will be mandatory equipment in every vehicle in North America. Ford is introducing side-impact airbags to its arsenal for the 1999 model year. Volvo is already equipped with side-impact airbags and reports have been written confirming their effectiveness.

At the moment, the market of vehicles equipped with airbags is approximately 60%. We are expecting growth of between 20% to 30% in the next 2 to 3 years. SRS Inc® could very well be the fastest growing trademarked company of the millennia. As a franchisee of a registered and trademarked company, your right to be the only user of the trade name SRS Inc® is secured and protected. SRS appears on most airbag components sold today.

Business Approach

We believe that SRS Inc® was the first company to offer mobile on site airbag services specializing in providing quality airbags installation services. We provide clients with prompt, courteous and convenient service, including:

  • On-site airbag replacement and diagnostics using the latest computer equipment
  • Highly trained technical staff to provide clients with the utmost professional and prompt service
  • Fully qualified and insured technicians
  • O.E.M. documented replacement parts are the only ones we use
  • Accessibility to the service is as easy as picking up the phone or visiting us online

Our primary objective is to provide every client with the best service available in a cost-effective manner. We strive to approach each installation from the client's perspective, paying attention to all aspects of our client's wants and needs. A fully integrated approach is taken when dealing with all airbag installations, and we fully comply with all industry standards.

Scope of Service

At the moment, our business concentrates primarily on the insurance and body shop industries, because this is where the collision claims originate. We do, however, have the full potential of servicing the general public as well. As vehicles equipped with airbags approach old age, concerns about whether their airbag system is still in good working condition need to be investigated. As stipulated by the manufacturers, visual and diagnostic checks should be carried out on these vehicles every three years. We see this opportunity as becoming a good portion of our business in addition to collision claims.

Cost Effective Operations

SRS Inc® provides a turn-key operation with minimal investment in capital equipment required by the franchisee in order to conduct their day-to-day business. Unlike conventional franchises, SRS Inc® eliminates large overheads by allowing the franchisee to operate his/her office from their home. Being an independent entrepreneur allows the franchisee to be in a positive tax position, with costs associated with running a business. Being a home-based operation, your company vehicle can serve for business as well as personal uses.

Unlike conventional franchises, Safety Restraint Systems Inc® allows flexibility in time scheduling. The nature of our claims allows the franchisee to plan their work load around their personal schedule. Due to the nature of the airbag business, each order is custom tailored to meet the needs of each client. Therefore, franchisees will not be tied up financially due to idle stock or large inventories. SRS Inc® processes all payments due to franchises on a Biweekly basis. With head office direct billing the insurance companies, this eliminates the franchisee from waiting to receive payment on services rendered. We believe that highly specialized, service-oriented businesses are the wave of the future. Through our network of contacts in North America and abroad, we are able to secure and coordinate the continuing growth of SRS Inc® to ensure future world markets.

What Will Be Provided

All our franchises are set up with the latest diagnostic computer equipment. These diagnostic computers are the state of the art machines, capable of clearing error codes from any European or domestic vehicle. Our European computer is capable of formatting new SRS computers from Mercedes, B.M.W, Audi, VW, right in the vehicle. The only other people that have this kind of equipment and ability are the dealers, and he can only clear Mercedes if he is a Mercedes dealer or the same with B.M.W., we can clear them all right on location. Our franchises only carry a total of 2 diagnostic computers, which give them the ability to clear any vehicle error code including engine codes or any other error code in any of the vehicles electrical systems whether it be a Domestic or European vehicle.

Along with the computers each franchisee is also given a wide assortment of high quality hand tools to enable him or her to do the job at hand, be it a straight installation or a complete removal of the dash assembly. Safety Restraint Systems Inc® also includes amp meters, wire repair kits and a wide variety of other electrical supplies, which is arranged in a portable roll around toolbox. In addition to the computers and tools we also give a complete set of factory manuals, which are more accurate and informative, than the usual after market manuals. The franchisee also receives 4-weeks of intensive training in field as well as classroom training.

To make getting started as easy as possible each franchise is also given a complete list of body shops, insurance companies in the area that he or she as picked to establish their franchise. We also do direct mailing out to these potential customer introducing our new franchisee. Along with that for the first week our president and C.E.O. makes himself available to help the franchisee to introduce his or hers new SRS franchise to all these potentially new customers in his or hers area. We also have a technical help line available 24/7, if you get stuck and you require assistance just call our 1-800-787-7070 line and you will be in touch with a highly qualified experienced technician that will walk you through the vehicle you are working on.

As part of the franchisee's training you will be also given a full week of just computer diagnostics training. Teaching you every thing there is to know about theses diagnostic computers and how to run them to there full potential, with our diagnostic specialists. At the same time you will be introduced to our computer-quoting package, which can be run on either a PC or a laptop, which gives the franchisee the flexibility of doing quotes from the vehicle and emailing them to the client.

The Chevrolet HHR is included in the purchase price of the franchise. The vehicle really catches the attention of the public and the advertising is great. The graphics package and roll out tool racks are additional; price to be discussed. In dealing with the public we are not only selling a service but also portraying the companies image, and we want it to be known to the public as the very best in the airbag diagnostic business.

This is why we insist that every franchisee has a Chevrolet HHR, to create uniformity throughout our franchises and to assure our clients uniform service no matter where in the country they may travel. We would like to see each of our franchisee's running the fully dressed vehicle which would make each and every franchisee stand out to the public, as well the advertising doesn't get much better. These HHR's come fully loaded with every option that the factory offers on these vehicles and the price quoted is with taxes in Canadian currency.

The total purchase price of the franchise is approximately $150,000.00 (CDN) for the franchise along with a 10% fee given back to Safety Restraint Systems Inc® on gross sales. This fee goes to maintaining our research and development of new products and equipment, which always has to be done in order for us to continue to lead the industry in the latest technologies. Advertising and promotional activities also have to be done on an ongoing basis as well. You are also entitled to use the name Safety Restraint Systems and the logo SRS which is widely used throughout the airbag industry and is Trademarked throughout Canada.

In addition should be noted that this total package costs much more than the price quoted to develop and perfect. In all the research that Safety Restraint Systems has done on franchise development we have not run into any other franchise organization that offers has much for your dollar than Safety Restraint Systems. We are committed to helping and directing our franchisees to success. We have put a team of highly professional support staff in place to help our franchisees with their day-to-day operations whether it be technical help or just some advise. Our support staff will be more than happy to be of help.

For further franchise information, please contact Safety Restraint Systems:

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