Vehicle Diagnostics

Proper vehicle diagnostics, providing a full read out of every code stored within a vehicle's ECU requires very specialized equipment. Though, this equipment provides more than just full diagnostics, it also provides a very large price tag. Aside from OEM dealers, most mechanical shops can only afford to purchase cheaper equipment which often gives misreadings or very vague results.

Safety Restraint Systems employs only original dealer level equipment. This allows us to provide a certified true diagnosis, exactly the same as the manufacturers dealer. The benefit to dealing with Safety Restraint Systems though, is multi-manufacturer scans at much lower cost to the end customer.

We are equiped with the latest equipment for:

  • BMW & Mini
  • Mercedes Benz & Smart
  • Porsche
  • VW & Audi
  • Honda & Acura
  • Toyota & Lexus
  • General Motors
  • Ford
  • Mazda
  • Chrysler
  • and more being added regularly.

Moreover to all of this, Safety Restraint Systems provides a mobile service. All of our services, including diagnostics can be performed at the location of your choice. Whether it's at a body/mechanical shop, your workplace or your home, one of our highly qualified technicians will meet you there. Saving you time, money and headache in the end.